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Agrifi is reimagining lending and market linkage solutions for all credible Farmers & FPOs. Our intelligent credit scoring algorithm is the first line of defense against credit risk and is a decision tool that enables us to provide customized loans to farmers/FPOs.

Farming is all about timing. If you need timely financing for sowing, pre-harvest, and post-harvest needs, Agrifi is here to provide you the financing.

Our market linkage product provides Farmers/FPO access to national and international buyers to get price advantage and get paid as soon as shipped.

Key Features

  • Real-time Crop Advisory Alerts
  • Complete Digital Experience
  • Intuitive Agrifi Platform

Our Edge

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Timely Access to Capital
  • Better Agri-inputs Pricing
  • Wider Agri-input Catalog
  • Access to National and International Produce Buyers
  • Access to Agronomic Advisory Solutions
  • Guaranteed and Immediate Payment for All Executed Transactions

Input Retailers

Agrifi enables input retailers to focus on growing their business while we take care of financing to their trusted Farmers/FPOs for their input requirements. Agrifi’s user-friendly platform provides seamless experience of onboarding farmers/FPOs and single touch loan request access.

Key Features

  • Access to Farmers/FPOs Database
  • Complete Digital Experience
  • Intuitive Agrifi Platform

Our Edge

  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Same Day Disbursals
  • Risk Minimization/Elimination
  • Increased Capital Access
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • No Surprise Costs

Produce Buyers

Agrifi enables Produce Buyers to get reliable produce at a competitive price. We help mitigate counterparty risk by payment & delivery terms and make transactions secure. Our certification process helps buyer communities with consistent volumes to meet their demand and releases their bandwidth to focus on building their core business.

Key Features

  • End-to-End Order Management
  • Real-time access to SKUs
  • Real-time Pricing

Our Edge

  • Reliable Produce
  • Competitive Price
  • Wide SKU Catalogue
  • Large Volumes
  • Guaranteed Transactions


  • Access to capital within 72 hours
  • Same day produce pay
  • 15% Savings from input costs
Input Retailers
  • Access to capital within 24 hours
  • 20% Increase in sales
Produce Buyers
  • 100% Reliability of produce
  • 20% Savings

Our Platform

Agrifi platform brings all partners together to create a sustainable solution for Farmers/FPOs. All credible Farmers/FPOs will have a seamless access to financing, inputs, buyers, and advisory solutions at their doorstep. We deliver complete transparency and decision-making power at farmers/FPOs hands. We have an array of products to provide a seamless experience for our farmers/FPOs and partners.


  • Crop Advisory Solutions
  • Credit Score Algorithm
  • Smart Lending System
  • Market Linkage Solutions

Platform Features


Complete Digital Experience

Our platform enables Farmers/FPOs and our partners with an integrated all-in-one digital experience for their day-to-day needs. It also empowers Farmers/FPOs, Input Retailers and Produce Buyers with transparency and real-time access to data and insights.



Our platform is designed to use without any training or tutorials. It’s UI/UX enables users to make as less as a couple of clicks to complete a transaction.



We knew that we are serving one of the largest communities in India. And, our platform is architected to support millions of farmers, thousands of FPOs, Input Retailers and Produce Buyers, tens of Banks & NBFCs and billions of transactions.



We take serious responsibility of our customers and partners’ data security and privacy. All our customers, partners, and transactional data is fully secured as our platform is hosted on AWS and built with robust security.


About Us

India's farmers and farming are integral to India's economy and, more importantly, to the nation's social and cultural heritage. Agrifi founding members firmly believe in a healthy agricultural sector that helps ensures a safe and reliable food supply, improves the livelihood of farmers, contributes to employment and rural economic development.

Agrifi reimagined agribusiness processes and built a unique platform to provide lending and market linkage solutions.

Rural India is where we work. Farmers and FPOs are who we serve.

Our Values

Focused on Agriculture, Built by Experts and Driven by Technology



Focus on being good stewards of our mission, our reputation, and our corporate responsibilities.



Be honest, ethical, and give a thoughtful consideration in everything we do.


Passion for Rural Economic Development

Share a true passion for serving farmers who help India set the standard in agriculture and rural economic development while advancing the livelihood of Agri communities.



We work hand in glove with our farmers, FPOs and Partners making a difference for them in economic development and advancing the livelihood. We share our innovation, skills, knowledge and experience to support each other every possible way and every day.

Contact Us


Agrinnov Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
No.1/1 Peridot Plaza, Gajendra Nagar, Off Hosur,
Next to Novel Business Park, Bangalore 560030

Contact Number: +91 9488804411